Foreign Trade Zones

A Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) is a physical site located within the U.S., but considered outside the U.S.A. customs territory for duty purposes.  International Inbond Logostics can provide our customers FTZ benefits by being a Duty FREE Zone.  This enables our clients to reduce certain operating cost by deferring duty on product until sale or removal from the zone.  It also allows avoidance, reduced or delayed duty payments on foreign merchandise, in addition to other savings.

We have two warehouse locations, one in San Diego, CA and the other in Calexico, CA.

Importers Use Foreign Trade Zones to:

  • Store merchandise until sold, delaying payment of duty and MPF.
  • Warehouse & distribute merchandise in the U.S., delaying payment of duty and reducing MPF.
  • Warehouse & distribute merchandise for export, eliminating payment of duty and MPF fees.
  • Inspect for defects and avoid duty on merchandise that is returned or destroyed.
  • Manipulate imported goods by combining (possibly with domestic goods) into kits to reduce or avoid payment of duty.
  • Manufacture imported & domestic goods, delaying and avoiding payment of duty on parts and components used in a finished goods with an “upside down tariff”.

Do you have any other questions regarding Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ), then give us a call at 619-671-7790 or send us an email HERE.  We will be glad to help and answer any of your questions.

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